• Conductive particles forms a special material with a perfect permanent conductivity.
  • The conductivity makes the tile free of dust and easy to clean or maintain.
  • Fire-proof rating FV-0 grade.
  • Durable, waterproof, anti-chemical corrosion.
  • It bears heavy load.
  • Excellent tones and textures. Marbling appearance.
  • Better flexibility. It is comfortable to walk through and hardly damage due to collision.


  • Electronics workshop/Manufacturing plant
  • Big computer room/ computer server room
  • Clean room
  • Packaging workshop
  • Telecommunication room
  • Hospital equipment room


  • Keep the floor clean, people walking on the floor are required to wear clean soft soled shoes
  • Clean the floor once a month with mop or other tool with neutral detergent. If there are scratches, it should be repaired.
  • Clean the floor every half a year or every year with special wash machine and then wax the floor.

Technical Data:

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