Steel Stringer

2 Ft Steel Stringer                                                         4 FT Steel Stringer

Steel Pedestal

Steel pedestal assembly types: standard steel pedestal, heavy-duty steel pedestal, extra heavy-duty steel pedestal, steel pedestal with swivel head for ramps.

  • Standard steel pedestal consists of pedestal head plate, steel rod, locking nut, pedestal base tube and pedestal base plate. Pedestal base tube size: 22mm square tube or 22mm diameter round tube. Pedestal assembly surface finish is galvanized, which allows it to be anti-rust and corrosion-resistant.

  • Heavy-duty pedestals bear heavier loading compared to standard steel pedestal. Pedestal base tube size: 25mm, 28mm, 32mm diameter round tube.

  • Extra heavy-duty pedestal is applied in places which require heavy loading capacity or high finished floor height. Pedestal base tube size: 38mm,  45mm, 73mm diameter round tube.

  • Pedestal assembly with swivel head for raised floor ramp

Other Accessories

Diagonal brace, bracing stringer and bracing kit. It is usually applied to extra heavy-duty pedestal at higher finished floor heights.


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